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Artist Statement: 

My work is a result of a rarification of process and dissection from earlier explorations within my painting process. This Painting Project references years of personal catalogue, prior analysis, experiment, discovery of color, and of form arising from chance. Experiment, control, and chance reveal the unseen result yet to come when singular elements are exploited and closely examined from the original process. Specific rules and decisions prior to the moment of creating the paintings set the groundwork, with the foundation of the paintings beginning with color choice and color making. The drawings are their own entity and actual research of their own. The evolution of my recent drawings have become larger, as they cover the walls and surround the space, the idea of executing “wall drawings” is possible, as the drawings indicate that as-well.


As a course of study, I designed my major as an undergraduate through the Interdisciplinary Studies Program at CW Post LIU in 1996 which then allowed me to study at Studio Arts Center International (SACI), in Florence Italy, Rhode Island School of Design, and the Leonardo Di Vinci School in Florence Italy. During the years between my undergraduate work and returning to school to receive my MFA at Brooklyn College in 2014, I periodically returned to dialogue with one of my earliest professor’s, whom I completed my Thesis work with back in 2001. 


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